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Læsø Ultra

An ultra race that sends you directly from the Læsø ferry on arrival to Vesterø out in Læsø's beautiful nature.

Læsø Ultra
An ultra-race that sends you directly from Læsø ferry on arrival to Vesterø into Læsø's beautiful scenery.

The race offers 4 distances:
• 65 km where you will reach the whole island.
• Marathon that turns off after the self-service liquid depot on Østerbyvejen and moves across the island out to the north coast to follow the dunes and the 65 km route back to Vesterø.
• ½ Marathon that follows the route from the ferry, turns across the island and up around the island's runway, where after you meet the marathon route and follow it to the finish.
• ½ Marathon Walk - same route as ½ Marathon :-)

Start: Læsø Færgen, 9900 Frederikshavn

Target: Strandgaarden Badehotel, Strandvejen 8, 9940 Læsø

Start time: The ferry departs from Frederikshavn to Læsø at 07:50 and the start leaves as soon as the ferry is at berth
It is the ferry that has the big start whistle and sends the runners off whenever possible with the landing.

• Ole Nørmark Lind / Strandgaarden Læsø
• Rico Eiersted / Coast2Coast