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By Laesoe

Welcome to the BY LAESOES universe.
BY LAESOE is a Danish jewelery brand based on Læsø.

What characterizes BY LAESOE is the natural beauty that is combined with design by using colors, shapes or materials from Læsø. Inspiration is drawn from land, water and the air - as well as from the beautiful relationships that exist between people.

My name is Sandie Grandt and I'm the designer behind BY LAESOE. I am a passionate nurse, wife, mother of 4 and self-taught designer.

Each design is handmade and well thought out. Only a small number of each design is produced and each and every retailer is carefully selected with the ideology of only working with good and inspiring people.

I am a huge advocate for normal and positive body images - and am super aware of the effect social media has on many people. Therefore, I do not edit and manipulate my images or my universe. I primarily use myself, my girlfriends and other people who I think support action in relation to the ideology that it is important to be oneself and to accept oneself (and others).

My collections are not a reflection of today's trends, but more an immediate reflection of what is important to me: namely nature, well-being and love.

I always design with the hope that every piece of jewelery my customers acquire can be worn year after year. I like to give gifts with meaning and therefore I often create the jewelry I could have used myself in a special situation.

Only genuine Sterling silver or nickel-free and allergy-friendly brass double-plated with 18 carat gold is used.

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