Lyngfeldts Hotel - Restaurant

Charming Hotel with South French style décor

Charming and authentic restaurant with South French style décor, located directly in 1 row to the harbor of Østerby, with fantastic views of the harbor and the sea.

This year, Lyngfeldts offers a wonderful taste of Mediterranean cuisine, with Læsø's wonderful ingredients.

Lyngfeldts has a large outdoor terrace overlooking the harbor and the beautiful sunset, as well as a cozy Café I Gårdhaven. Coffee, Cream ice cream from Vebbestrup and a delicious selection for the palate are offered.

The atmosphere in the hotel and restaurant blends elegantly with Læsø's beautiful embracing nature, sky and sea.


Lyngfeldts, of course, follows the necessary recommendations regarding Corona, so you can travel safely with us.