Læsø planter ålegræs- forside

Læsø plants eelgrass

Photo: visitlæsø

Saturday, June 8th, at 10-13.30 o'clock in Hvidebakker

Læsø becomes part of a nation-wide project

Læsø is part of a nation-wide initiative, Denmark Plants Eelgrass, which aims to draw attention and contribute to the restoration of the marine environment and eco-systems. With Læsø's geographical location in the middle of Kattegat, and most of all, the island's history and cultural heritage, the project is meaningful and impactful on Læsø.

On Læsø the planting of eelgrass takes place on Saturday, June 8th, in Hvidebakker from 10 to 13 o'clock.

So, bring your wife, your husband, your friend, your neighbour, the kids or your friends to - alongside other Danes - help the threatened marine environment in Denmark. Tænketanken Hav (think tank Ocean Institute), in collaboration with Syddansk University, is behind the event "Denmark Plants Eelgrass", which takes place on 32 different chosen coasts spread across Denmark. Eelgrass will be planted from Læsø to Sønderborg in the south of Denmark.

"Denmark Plants Eelgrass" is part of Det Store Ålegræsinitiativ (The Big Eelgrass Initiative) which is supported by Nordea-fonden, and is a new and unique scientific project, wherein test-planting is done, with the help of volunteers, to contribute to gathering data about the Danish eelgrass population.

Read more about the initiative on Tænketanken Hav's website



Welcome and introduction to "Læsø Plants Eelgrass" in the tent.

Debuty mayor Jess Jessen-Klixbüll explains why this initiative is so relevant on Læsø.

Short introduction to the schedule of the day. Free soda, water and biscuits are served. 

Everyone walks to the beach, where the tools and materials are ready. You will be instructed in and taught how to bind the eelgrass shoots to nails. When all of the shoots are ready, volunteers will explain how the planting of the eelgrass works. Afterwards, the volunteers sail out to plant the eelgrass. 

Kirsten Lynge tells us more about eelgrass and the experience with planting it - along with the many uses of eelgrass, marine restoration and Læsø Havcenter (Læsø Ocean Centre). Storhaven will destribute free Læsø icecream to the guests until stock runs out.

Wrap up, thank you for today and how to follow the project.

Hvide Bakker på Læsøs nordkyst passeres på turen mellem Vesterø og Østerby


Oceans of Hope til søs Læsø planter ålegræs

Photo:Oceans of Hope

S/S Oceans of Hope on Læsø

The sailing boat Oceans of Hope participates in the project Læsø Plants Eelgrass. The ship works with people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and has, on several occasions, visited Læsø. During this event, Oceans of Hope will be an active part of the planting of eelgrass - and the initiative relates well to Oceans of Hope work with the 14th Global Goal: Life below Water.


Ålegræs kort 2


"Det Store Ålegræsinitiativ/Danmark Planter Ålegræs er udviklet af Tænketanken Hav og drives i samarbejde med miljøfaglig partner SDU med støtte fra Nordea-fonden".

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