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Reside and live all year - all life

Looking for a great life all year round for the rest of your life? Læsø’s the place. We give all our new citizens a hearty welcome.

Læsø is an all-year society with schools, kindergarten, cinema, elderly care, a group medical practice etc. It has everything that other municipalities have, only everything is smaller and easily accessible and manageable. Local democracy works, and you can meet your politician almost every day or when required.

Usually, it is possible to find work on Læsø. Tradesmen and social and health care sector professionals are particularly in demand. But active entrepreneurs will also encounter an area with lots of potential for the right person.

There is a special spirit on the island where people help each other and take action when needed. Læsø is the municipality in Denmark with the highest number of self-employed persons relative to the population. It is the independency culture that characterises the society.

Læsø is an active island. Local associations offer a wealth of activities and experiences for children and young people of all ages.

There are three well-run sports centres, riding stables, a shooting range and lots of outdoor facilities for running, riding, cycling and other types of exercise.

Læsø is a vibrant, active, all-year community, whose many associations, cultural and leisure activities provide countless opportunities for an active and eventful life. Læsø has something for everyone all year round.

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