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Læsø welcomes you.

Læsø is wonderful all year round - including summer. The flowers are blooming, the first of our new potatoes are on their way, and nature is waiting for your visit. When you are done with your daily dose of Læsø's unique nature, call on some of our cozy shops or restaurants. Enjoy! is your guide to almost everything at Læsø: Opening hours, accomodation, events and activities, inspiration, places to eat, hiking trails, guided tours, where to shop, how to get around, and much, much more. Feel free to spend some time on the webpage to find what you need. Or let us know, if you have any questions :-)

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Dagsture på Læsø - Skovhytten


Photo: Kjetil Løite

Læsøbrochure 2023

Læsøbrochuren 2023

The Læsø Brochure 2023 has landed, and it is stuffed full of Læsø content and things to read; practical information, exciting articles, useful tips, and beautiful pictures. The brochure is produced locally at Læsø, created in close collaboration with the members of Læsø Tourist- and Business Association. Download the brochure online or pick up a physical copy in Frederikshavn, on the Læsø Ferry, or at the tourist office in Vesterø as you arrive.

Shopping at Læsø

At Læsø we care about good quality - especially when it comes to our many locally-produced goods and handicrafts. On the island you will find small stores and farm shops where both gifts and every day necessities can be bought. Some of it you can even buy online

Solnedgangssang på Vesterø Havn

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