We help you with everything from jobs and housing to leisure activities.

Do you dream of a tranquil life with plenty of space, surrounded by nature and a sense of safety for both children and adults – without having to compromise on public services and the opportunities of having an interesting job? Then Læsø is a perfect option.

If you like being an active part of the local community and value unique nature, Læsø is the very spot for you. Here, you can lead an active life with light, peace and quiet, space and a finger on the pulse. We would like to help you get going, with everything: finding a home, work, activities or a place in an institution.

Call Stina if you are need information and advice about your possibilities in Læsø Municipality. Stina is your link to businesses, institutions etc. and will also help the partner moving here with you to find a job.

Contact Stina Andersen,
Tel.: (+45) 2712 9403


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