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Fisker i bølger

Angling on Læsø

Photo: Læsø Turist- og Erhvervsforening

The first catches are usually reported from Læsø, after which the fish spread through Danish waters

Anglers can fish in the 10,000 m2 put & take lake, Læsø Fiskesø, which is located south of the golf course. Here you can catch trout, eel and crayfish. You can also fish and maybe catch freshwater fish in Hornekssøen, which is close to Horneks Odde. You can of course also fish in the sea from the coast or from the harbor piers in Østerby and Vesterø. Among other things, you can catch sea trout here from March to November. Also try sea fishing with the boat Seadog, which sails from Vesterø.


Læsø's fishing opportunities are many and the island's rocky shores attract large numbers of sea trout most of the year. The most famous squares are located on both sides of Østerby harbor, especially the coast west of is characterized by huge rocks on the beach and they continue out into the water, where dark areas consist of only good rocks with the finest pitches for sea trout.


East of the harbor begins a new territory, Danzigmand. Here is a couple of kilometers of exciting coast and further out towards the lighthouse comes a corner with a sandy bottom where the current conditions often lure herring and sandeel underground.

At Læsø's north coast, there are several really good places to catch flatfish such as plaice, sole, brill and turbot as well as sea trout and cod. The hornfish come in May in very large numbers and are caught along the entire coast.


Leaflet on coastal fishing on Læsø can be purchased at Læsø Tourist Office.

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