Badeglade gæster

Beaches on Læsø

Læsø has a coastline of approx. 100 km, of which 25 km is a good beach. Beaches are found on the west-facing coast and part of the north coast. In the southwest corner of Læsø there is a very special bathing beach, the Stokken.

Stone on Læsø

A stroll along the rocky stretches of the beach in Lilledal and east of the Port of Østerby provides good opportunity for exciting sightings of various stones.

Many of the stones come from the bedrock in our neighboring countries, which are stones such as basalt, granite and gneiss. Lead blocks are stones that exist only as solid rock in a single locality. The most common lead blocks on Læsø are larvikite from Norway, rhombo porphyry and hornfels from the Oslo area as well as cheek bass from Sweden.


At Horneks Odde lies the Hornekshuset, which serves as a center for disseminating the area's sea nature. There is a poster exhibition as well as a video film about life below sea level. There are fishing nets, trays and magnifying glass for lending. There are also tables, benches and barbecue as well as new toilet facilities.

Book on stones

Particularly interested in stone, the Tourist Office can buy a small publication 'Stone on the Beach', which is a great help in determining the many different finds that can be made.

Facilities for the disabled

There are 2 drops for wheelchair users to the beach at Vesterø Church and Storedal respectively. At Banstenens parking lot a style has been made for the coastal slope.