Læsøs beaches

Læsø has a coastline of approx. 100 km, of which 25 km are good beaches. Beaches are found on the west-facing coast and part of the north coast. In the southwest corner of Læsø there is a very special bathing beach, the Stokken.

Sea kayak
Conditions on Læsø are ideal for sea kayaking. There are tours that are good for beginners, but also exciting trips for the experienced. As a beginner, choose a day of calm weather and stay low. For example, a walk along the beach from Vesterø to Stokken. Or a trip from Vesterø to the Rønner Reef north of Holtemmen. For experienced people, a trip along the north coast from Vesterø to Østerby is recommended. Remember lunch box and drinks!

If you love to surf, you have all the possibilities at Læsø, whether you are experienced or a beginner. If you belong to the last category, you will enjoy surfing the “Flag” north of Vesterø Harbor. You can also start on the very low water between Stokken and the beach at Sdr. Nyland - it is impossible to operate at sea here! If you are more experienced, you can find challenges along the northern coast of Læsø, at Storedal, Hvide Bakker and Danzigmand. Please note that surfing equipment cannot be rented on Læsø.

You must wade approx. 50 m through the water to reach the elongated sand reef. It's a bit of a rush when the whole family has to go with the necessary things for a beach trip! The stick is approx. 5 km long, so you can easily be yourself.

A walk along the water is also nice, here are many large shells. The western end of the Stok is protected from May 15 to July 15 for the sake of bird life.

Amber on Læsø
Læsø is one of the places in Denmark where you can be lucky to find amber. The prerequisite for amber on the beach is that it has been blowing very strongly for a while. When the wind then subsides and the water falls, the amber will be brought into the shore and deposited on the beach. The beach at Danzigmand and Store Dal as well as north of Vesterø Harbor are good places to look for amber.