Galop på rønnerne

Horse riding on Icelandic horses

Photo: Visitlaesoe

You can reach many places on Læsø by car or by bike, but if you want to experience the great and untouched areas of the island, we recommend you make the trip on horseback or in a horse-drawn carriage.

Riding trips on Læsø


The Icelandic horse has become very widespread on Læsø. The reason is its special gaits and good nature, which makes the Icelandic horse is very suitable for tours through nature, regardless of the rider's experience and age. 
When the horse tölts, its back moves very little, which makes the ride very comfortable for the rider. For this reason, tölt is the gait which we develop and use the most on the Icelandic horse.

Riding trails

Birds are more comfortable around humans on horseback, which gives us more opportunities to get close to the birds. On Rønnerne and in the forest, you will find many riding trails, and riders are asked to stick to these trails in consideration of the other animals, birds and plants. 
For more experienced riders, a free galop on the beach is an extraordinary experience.