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Ridning på stranden

Horseback riding on Icelandic horses

Photo: ukendt

You can see lots of places on Læsø by car and by bike, but if you wish to see the island's extensive, unspoilt areas of countryside, it's strongly recommended that you try a trip on horseback or in a horse-drawn carriage.


The Icelandic horse is very common on Læsø. With its special gaits and its pleasant nature, the horse is very well suited to riding trips, regardless of the rider's age or experience.

When the horse uses the gait known as tölt (rack), its back moves very little, which means a very smooth ride for the rider. It's therefore the preferred gait for training and development with regard to the Icelandic horse.

Bridle paths

The birds are not frightened of people when they're on horseback, and this enables you to get closer to them than you otherwise might do.

There are bridle paths at Rønnerne and in the forest, and riders are always requested to keep to the paths in order not to harm plants, birds or animals.

For experienced riders a free gallop along the beach is a fantastic experience.

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