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The Day of the Sea

A pleasant day for the whole family.

An exciting day for children and adults with the sea as a focal point. At Whitsun there is a tradition for yachtsmen from Sæby and Frederikshavn to meet on Læsø and form the framework for Sea Day.
In small stalls, the island's restaurants sell various fish dishes.
You can see how to "rob" a spiny lobster and there are tastings of the delicious shellfish. There are stalls with handicrafts and many other stalls, all related to the sea.
We get, among other things, visit of the Rescue Station from Østerby Havn, which demonstrates their equipment.
And fishermen will hold Open Trawler and talk about fishing.
Henning Tængemand shows how to tie a washer made of seaweed to a seaweed roof - and maybe you can even make a sjippetorv out of seaweed?
The big attraction for the children is today's crab fishing competition - who catches the most crabs?
We are particularly looking forward to a visit by the kvasen W Klitgaard from Frederikshavn, where they will donate a model of themselves to Læsø Museum.
You can of course buy beer and wine as well as coffee and cake.