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Winter holiday on Læsø

Læsø is also "Rich in winter experiences"
Winter holiday on Læsø - peace and plenty of space!

More and more people are opening their eyes to the value of relaxing, and it is now common knowledge that just a good walk does wonders for both brain and body. There are good opportunities for that here at Læsø, where we look forward to welcoming both new guests and regulars during the winter holidays, regardless of whether it is in week 7 or week 8.
Læsø offers plenty of peace, time for contemplation, high to the sky, far to the horizon, wide expanses and not least a lot of the small joys you can find in nature and in the cozy moments with the family in a warm summer house.
We guarantee that there will be no congestion anywhere! There is plenty of space, both in nature, in the shops and on paths, straits and beaches. The sun is low, but there is demonstrably plenty of sunshine - so much so that Læsø is again the Danish island with the most hours of sunshine!
Check out and see a little more about what options are available - Læsø is a year-round community, and all grocery stores and several of the specialty stores are open.
There are plenty of accommodation options, both in a holiday home and in a hotel.
Welcome to the winter holidays on Læsø

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