Hiking trails

Læsø has hiking routes for both children and adults. Here we have compled an overview

Læsø has a fantastic, anried nature and also many opportunities for differnet hiking routes. As an island located in the Kattegat, it is a given that there are plenty of oppoturnities for beautiful wals along the coast, which is a treat for everyone. Listerings to the crashing of the waves and feeling the fresh wind in your face is balm for the soul.

But Læsø also offers hiking routes in other terrain. On the northern part of the island, you will find Læsø Klitplantage (dune plantation), and here you may walk in the conifer forrest and on the heath. On the southern part of the island, you can experience the nature of Rønnerne and dive into the history of the old saltworks.

There are also magical walks for the family with children and quit heart trails with the possibility of a rest along the way.

For the fully seasoned hiker, there is the long hiking route, all around Læsø along the coast. Below you can read about the different routes, and download maps and detailed information that is useful during the trip


Hiking trails in Læsø Klitplantage

In the middle of the island and towards the northern coast is Læsø Klitplantage - an area with beautiful and varied nature and a rich wildlife. Here you will find both dense coniferous forest and extensive dune heath and in just a few kilometers you can move through several different types of beautiful landscapes.

Læsø Klitplantage is managed by the Danish Nature Agency, and on their website, you can read much more about the area and find a digital guide to the different areas in the plantation. Below you can find a map of Læsø Klitplantage with different walking routes.


Hiking trail on Rønnerne around Fuglsangssøen

On the southern part of the island is Rønnerne - the area where Læsø Saltworks collects water for their salt production. From the Saltworks you can go for a walk of almost five kilometers around Fuglsangssøen and experience Rønnerne’s fantastic nature. Below you will find a map of Fuglsangssøen with associated history of the area and Læsø's salt seething


Nisseruten - The Pixie Route - a fun trip for the kids

Between trees and overgrown dunes in Højsande, it is believed that there are trolls and pixies. In the past, there were many more who believed in such a thing here on Læsø - but today it is mostly children who see, hear, or feel them. Nisseruten is a 3.2 km route in very hilly terrain and is a hike with fun hills, good climbing trees, and it is easy to let your imagination fly. Below you will find a map of the route with accompanying stories and activities that can activate children and adults on a pleasant picnic.


Short trail around Foldgårdssøen

On Læsø you will also find a heart trail of 1.9 km. - a nature trail, which is a little uneven of sand and soil. The heart trail leads you around Foldgårdssøen, where you walk through areas with heather and forest. Bench sets for picnics are located in the parking lot.

Læsø set fra oven

Hiking around Læsø

If you want to take a really long and challenging route, you can walk around Læsø. The route is 58 km and takes about 12 hours. In several places you will come to streams/ditches where you either have to wade or jump over. Please note that the various accommodation, dining and trading venues described in the leaflet below may be out of date. If you want to find a place to eat or spend the night along the way, you can see more about the different possibilities on our website here.