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Læsø A-Z

Photo: Karin Meilandt

You might have questions before or during your stay on Læsø. Hopefully you can find an answer to your question here

Læsø has one ATM, located in Byrum.

Byrum: Nordjyske Bank, Byrum Hovedgade 79

If you need help with you car you can call Falck

Byrum Hovedgade 10
Telephone: +45 7010 2030

If you need an auto mechanic you can contact Byrum Auto

Gl. Kirkevej 8
Telephone: +45 9849 1044

Læsø has a costline of approximately 100 km and has some of Denmark's most beautiful beaches. Whether you want to go swimming, search for amber or go kayaking Læsø has a beach for the purpose. A beach guide is found here

Læsø is a beautiful and relatively flat island which makes it a perfect place to get to know by bike. You can either bring your own bike or rent one on the island

If you want to make a bonfire you need to use the specific bonfire sites located at Læsø Klitplantage. In some of the areas you'll find toilets, water taps and camp sites as well

A map of Læsø Klitplantage is found at the Tourist Office which is located at the harbour in Vesterø

It's free to travel by bus on Læsø. The bus drives between the three cities Østerby, Byrum and Vesterø, and stops on the main road only. Many tourist attractions are located far from the main road - if you are visiting Læsø Saltsyderi you need to take the bus to Byrum and walk the remaining 2,4 km.

The bus has the capacity to take two bicycles on each trip. It costs 27 kr. and can not be prebooked.

Find the timetable here

The dentist is located in Byrum at

Hovedgade 58
Telephone: +45 9849 1466

On Læsø you'll find three shops with non prescription drugs for sale. The shop with the widest selection is located at

Læsø Garnspinderi, Byrum Hovedgade 19

In addition to that the supermarkets in Vesterø and Østerby has smaller selections

Dagli' Brugsen, Vesterø Havnegade 6
Min Købmand, Østerby Havnegade 2

Byrum. Byrum Auto

In Østerby: Østerby El

Tesla: Læsø Camping

If you need help or have any questions about the ferry service you can contact the Ferry Office at the harbour in Vesterø or Frederikshavn

Tickets for the ferry can be bought here

There is plenty of good places to go fishing on Læsø. In order to go fishing in Denmark you need to buy a fishing license which can be bought here

Click here if you want information on where to go fishing on Læsø

You will find wheelchair access to the beach at Vesterø Kirke and Storedal

At the Banstenen parking lot there is access to the coastal slope

At Badesøen (lake) you can drive all the way down to a table by the shore

There is a gas station in each of the three big cities on the island

You'll find a charging station for Teslas at Læsø Camping & Hytteby near the harbour in Vesterø

Læsø Gift card can be used more than 100 places in both Læsø and Frederikshavn

The library is located at

Byrum Hovedgade 58
Telephone: +45 9621 3124

Luggage lockers are found at the Ferry- and Tourist Office which is located at the harbour in Vesterø

Læsø is famous for its unique salt. On the southern part of the island you'll find Læsø Saltworks where they make salt by seething the old fashioned way. At the Saltworks you can learn about the process and buy bags of unique Læsø salt

Our Medical Care Centre is run by 5 doctors, 3 nurses and 2 secretaries. For immediate medical treatment there is an emergency helicopter available with a physician onboard to transport you to the nearest hospital. Which means quick access to vital and life-saving treatment

Health Centre, Kirkestien 2, Byrum. Telephone: +45 9849 1588
Appointment and medicine: Monday-Friday 8-11 AM
Emergency consultation: Monday-Friday 11-12 AM

Emergency doctor service can be contacted on weekdays between 4 PM and 8 AM, and on weekends and holidays

Telephone: +45 7015 0300

If you need to contant the police you can call

Læsø Police
Byrum Hovedgade 51
Telephone: +45 5142 1071


Telephone: 114

Alarm / Urgent matters

Telephone: 112

You'll find public restrooms many places on the island. At the Tourist Office which is located at the harbour in Vesterø you can buy a map showing the different facilities on the island

Læsø Fiskeindustri is the world's biggest exporter of scampi so it's almost a must try when visiting Læsø. You can either cook them yourself or order them at one of our restaurants

In the woods of Læsø Klitplantage you'll find shelters where you can stay for the night. In some of the areas you'll find toilets, water taps and campfire sites as well

If the shelter is empty you are allowed to camp there for the night, but if you want to make sure it's available we recommend you to book it in advance. You can book a shelter here

Læsø has three big supermarkets

Dagli’ Brugsen in Vesterø
Super Brugsen in Byrum
Min Købmand in Østerby

If you are in need of a cab during your stay you can call Læsø Taxa

Telephone: +45 2232 2636
Sunday-Thursday: kl. 05 AM-11 PM
Friday-Saturday: kl. 05 AM-05 AM

Campsites for tents are found in Læsø Klitplantage. In some of the areas you'll find toilets, water taps and bonfire sites as well

You can get a map of Læsø Klitplantage at the Tourist Office at Vesterø Harbour

The Tourist Office is located at Vesterø Harbour. Stop on by if you have any questions, need help or just want to know what you can experience during your stay on Læsø

Travelling around Læsø is easy. You can either go by bike, car or take the bus which is free. The bus stops on the main road only so if you wish to go anywhere else a bike or car can be necessary

If you havn't got a bike or car yourself you can easily rent one once you get here

To get to Læsø  you travel by ferry from Frederikshavn. The journey takes 90 cozy minutes and the ferry has many daily departures. Read more here

You can contact Bindslev Veterinarian on Læsø each Thursday

Telephone: +45 9893 8899

If you see an animal which has been hurt or run over you can call one of the following numbers

Animal Control Centre: 1812
Christian Thorsen: +45 2360 6455
Jørgen Larsen: +45 2962 0659

Washing machines are found at the harbours in Østerby and Vesterø

If you want to read about the weather before or during your stay click here

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