Popular attractions and sights


Læsø is rich in unique places that are popular with both locals and guests. Læsø Salt, Læsø Kur and Læsø Museum are just some of them. On this page you will find our tips for places not to be missed.

Læsø Saltworks

Anyone standing in the seething hut listening to the salt-seether's tales of Læsø salt is sure to be caught up in the atmosphere in the hut, by the beam construction, the simmering of the water, and the rays of light mingling with the steam and the smoke from the fire

Unique nature areas on Læsø

Here you will find unique nature areas on Læsø - nature areas with great variety and history. Here there is many opportunities for good walks and beau...

Læsø Museum

Læsø Museum has five sites located around Læsø. The museum courtyard located just outside Byrum, Hedvig's House on Linievejen near Østerby, the Museum...

Seaweed houses on Læsø

At the old Læsøgård, the Museumsgården, you can experience the old and new seaweed in beautiful association.

Storhaven -farm shop and a little more.......

Læsø's churches

Læsø has three beautiful churches - including one of Denmark's oldest. Read more about their history and decor below.

Art & Handicrafts on Læsø

Læsø is inspiration. Artists and makers of handicrafts always find inspiration and tranquility in which to work on Læsø. The sea and the sky, the vari...

Læsø Kunsthal

Tang på Læsø

Læsø er stærkt forbundet med tang, som både anvendes i produktionen af delikate fødevarer og de karakteristiske tangtage

Thorvald Hansens Tower

Tower Pass Klix showcases Thorvald Hansen's Tower in Byrum and tells the story of Thorvald and his family and how the tower was built.

Lær at finde rav

Afkortet artikel af Klaus Munk fra 2012

Fugle på Læsø

Læsø er med sin meget afvekslende natur også et eldorado for fugle. Hvad man som gæst først lægger mærke til er fuglene langs kysten, hvor der hele år...

Bicycle routes on Læsø

Læsø's varied and unique scenery invites you to go on some of the island's many beautiful cycling routes. Get our guide to a good cycling holiday on L...

Beaches on Læsø

Læsø has a coastline of approx. 100 km, of which 25 km is a good beach. Beaches are found on the west-facing coast and part of the north coast. In the...

Horseback riding on Icelandic horses

You can see lots of places on Læsø by car and by bike, but if you wish to see the island's extensive, unspoilt areas of countryside, it's strongly rec...